Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Be Brand New

hey guys..
currently im on my holiday back in my hometown.. but just sadly, going back to jogja real soon this Saturday. well, at some points and mostly i feel sad again to leave the whole family, friends behind but i also feel some kind of excitement to start fresh in this semester. i've learnt my not going to handle two things at the same time, no more procrastinating and so on so on... just wish me a very good luck this semester.

much love, lily xx

Friday, January 10, 2014

What I Heard to Recently

so, here's my current playlist on my iPod. enjoy! xx

Daughtry - Waiting For Superman
Daft Punk - Instant Crush
Rie Sinclair & Mike Suby - No Way Out
James Blunt - Same Mistakes
James Blunt - Blue On Blue
Daughtry - Baptized (Acoustic)
Avicii - Lay Me Down

Fucked Up

hey guys. well, so sorry for not updating this past 2 months. got a lot work up to do, studies, exams, well whatsover, i aint give a damn abt it anyway.
so, i've just finished my first semester here in jogja.. going back to hometown tomorrow like FINALLY!! after all these months! then going to Kuala Lumpur for the very next day to have a short vacation that i've been craving and needed for months.

well, how's ife guys? mine is pretty suck here. ended up this semester not so good, started this semester not so good either but what can't i say? i've tried my best to catch up with the subjects, the books, and it turns out to be just like that. expectations DO differ from reality, and i start to believe it much from now on. maybe some dreams would only be just "dreams" that we can't achieve, but still some dreams would just turn to be real ones. honestly, i don't know. i'm facing what we so called a midlife crisis, and maybe i do sound a little bit way too overdramatic, but to tell you the truth..that's just exactly how i feel.

there's no point in regretting what we once did, we could only take some lessons from that mistake, but for the very first time of my live, im started to have a second thoughts about this past six months. yeah, my life was pretty fucked up right now.

much love and hope, lily xoxo

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Beginning Always The Hardest

Well, i think that quote really suites my situation rite now.
the thing is that,why do i have to fall for the same old mistakes all over again?! and why do i have to believe that i could handle two things at once? we ain't a super human, even superman never existed in the first place.
Why do people keep on hating envying each other?while they always said that we're such a unique creature, so never compare yourself to others and so on..
Why do i have to care so much and keep looking around, hoping people would give a damn about me while what they're going to give is just false, fake attentions. Am i being way to skeptical this time? well, maybe yes cause i've seen way too much about you, about us, about them.
and seriously, love does taste sweets at first..but eventually we would feel sick after some time and another. so, dont love something too much is just true, aye?

Out of the blue, i think this October playlist would be :
John Legend - All of Me
Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning
Frank Ocean - Thinkin' About You
The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
Will.I.Am ft 2NE1 - Gettin' Dumb

Lily, xx

Friday, October 4, 2013

동창생 (The Commitment) 2nd Official Movie Teaser Part 2: Friendship - Star...

The Whatsocalled Uni Life

well hey guys..
i know that i've been missing for 3 months and for that i truly apologize

so, i've been in Jogja for quite some times, a month old to be exact and i've got to say.. i love it here.
i'm all alone, currently adapting to live by myself, and well for some of my friends it's kind of hard and tough and some of them just hate it.. but for me, i'm just okay with that. It is like if you do something out of hatred, turns out it would be just nothing. But still, i felt homesick sometimes.. hahahha

The Uni life in the other hand is one kind of unavoidable, tough challenge that i've to admit is totally different from the high school life. I have to read like a lot to catch up with the materials, and hours would just gone away in a blink of an eye that i started to beg for a 48-hours a day.
Still, i'm trying my best here just like any other else. What makes us different are our passion, integrity, effort and luck maybe? hahaha

well, i've got to go now.. lecture at 9 and Anatomy at 1 for today
wishing always the best for us.

Cheers, Lily xx